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Buy marijuana vaporizers for sale online to take advantage of huge brand name vaporizer selections, low wholesale prices with price matching, easy online ordering methods, and free shipping with stealth packaging. Find the best marijuana vaporizers at the lowest prices. Let our team of vapeheads inform and enlighten you on the use and control of using a vaporizer. We're creating a vaporizer community for everyone. Using a marijuana vaporizer is the healthiest way for users to ingest medical marijuana or recreational weed in vapor form. Vaporizers can be used to smoke a wide variety of herbs, oils, and concentrates. There are many types of marijuana vaporizers. The two basic electronic hot air style vaporizers are balloon style, where you toke out of a (forced air) filled up bag of vapor, and a whip style (tube) where the toke is on demand vapor. There are a few more types of personal portable vaporizers like oil pen style and pocket portable vapes. Basic heat sources for vaporizers are ceramic, glass, metal, butane, while new technology utilizes UAV-Free Halogen light source to vaporize your marijuana. You should familiarize yourself on using a vaporizer when starting out. Everyone has the manufacturer details but we actually use then review the vaporizers, letting you know about the 420 results to help you buy.

Digital photograph of normal marijuana calyx and vaporized marijuana calyx.
Photograph of fresh herb along side vaporized herb.
The tips of the shiny trichromes or THC glands carry the medicinal value of marijuana.

If you live in a condo, apartment, or close quarters with neighbors where scent is an issue, you will love using marijuana vaporizers. The scent of marijuana is reduced to 20% of normal combustible smoking of a pipe, joint or blunt. If you have ventilation, the odor is gone in a few minutes. If you are in an enclosed room, the smell will dissipate in 10 minutes. Resulting blue vapor is not as dense as combustible smoking therefor your wall paint, furniture and clothing will tend not to absorb the smell.

How To Use Marijuana Vaporizers

Always read the instructions that come with your new weed vaporizer before you burn your first bowl. Most first timers don't feel their lungs fill up the same harsh way as smoking a joint, or don't see thick wads of smoke so they get freaked out. The best way to see the proper resulting vapor is in the balloon systems, where you can visualize some smokey vapor. Whip style marijuana vaporizers take a little more finesse with the toke pressure to get your desired amount of vapor for your lung capacity. A very brown dark vapor usually means too high a temperature setting and the herb is too burned up. The best vapor is blue in color and smooth to the throat. If your throat gets roughed up, the temperature of your vaporizer is usually too high. Find the right temperature setting for your vaporizer, as they can differ from each manufacturer despite the temperature setting. You don't have to vaporize big amounts of herb, we use about half a normal joint for three balloon fulls of the volcano vape hooked up with a 18 inch long balloon. The session lasts longer than smoking that half joint. Rule of thumb for chopping your herb is keep it a mulched chop for balloons and a finer mince chop for whips. Always experiment for your personal preferences. Click one of the following banners to answer where to find vaporizers and where to buy vaporizers for sale.

Tips For Using Marijuana Vaporizers

  1. Read new instructions, disinfect all applicable parts and charge any necessary batteries before vaporizing.
  2. Medical marijuana likes to be vaporized at 365°F to 374°F which is also 185°C to 190°C depending on the make and model of your vaporizer. We know some vape heads who like 230°C in order to fill their lungs with heavier vapor. Others like a low heat at 320°F for a very light, hash tasting vapor. Find the temperature setting for your personal vaporizer experience. A few degrees in vapor heat can harsh out a throat, find your personal threshold. Be patient, the temperature may say 370°F but sometimes the vaporizer won't be quite ready, don't be afraid to tentatively feel it, give it an extra few minutes to warm up.
  3. Think of chopping your herbs into small, medium, large OR mince, mulch and chunky sizes. Cut your herbs into a mid sized mulch for bigger volcanoes. Whip styles tend to like a regular mulch size herb chop. Mind you some whip styles now have fans, leading to a mulch size preference. Finely chopped herb works best in small portable pocket size vapes. Marijuana Grinders will help you achieve the herb chop you want without getting stinky, sticky fingers and scissors. Marijuana Grinder Reviews will let you know what's new in a herb grinder.
  4. Vape With Caution! Start out with a 1/4 toke and work up from there, you won't know until you exhale, the vapor may catch you off guard. Too many a lung has hacked up at first time vape hits.
  5. Discover how many passes or vaporizations per bowl full you can achieve before the bowl is totally spent. Our personal volcano will take 3 passes to extinguish the life of the herb.
  6. The color of the vapor can tell you when to change to a fresh bowl. The vapor should be a nice blue hue. As you vaporize a bowl full, the color will turn brown indicating it's time for fresh herb. Realize when the bowl is exhausted so you are not starting to haul harder to get a hit especially when using a on demand whip style intake.
  7. Buy extra balloons, get an extra pack or roll, you'll find after good vaporizer usage, the vapor will sticky up the balloon. Buy extra feet of surgical grade tubing for whip style vapes. It gets slicked up with resin gum and could effect the taste. Buy extra bowls for all vapes, you'll need them for parties.
  8. Don't put too much pressure when attaching the balloon/mouthpiece to a volcano vape, the base will bend given enough pressure and time.
  9. Have some sanitized wipes kicking around during party time. After many uses, the mouthpiece of any vaporizer gets gummed up with lip gloss and needs cleaning. Clean, be diligent. The mouthpiece is most important to constantly keep clean, use isopropyl-alcohol or some other real good cleaning agent. Stay ahead of the resin that can build up in plastics and silicone, they can affect the quality if vapor and can become toxic.
  10. With the money you save on papers, lighters and smoking less herb, you'll see a fatter wallet. Live longer and vaporize.

Feature Marijuana Vaporizers

Marijuana vaporizers are now a fixture in every legal marijuana retail store in the world. New trends in vaporizing are a very popular way to ingest your marijuana. Technology has brought about bright new advances and creativity in manufacturing vaporizers for marijuana. Dry herb vaporizers come in personal and desktop varieties. Oil and wax concentrate pen vaporizers are fast becoming very popular with the end of marijuana prohibition. Marijuana concentrates are more potent medicine than regular dry marijuana. Some oils and waxes reach over 90% pure THC. The art of getting just the tip of the trichromes off the marijuana plant takes many forms. Vaporizers for these new concentrates are keeping up to the trends. You'll definitely find a vaporizer for your own preferences.

Tao Discreet Vaporizer Review

Tao Discreet Vaporizer
Donation courtesy of HeadiMedies

The TAO Discreet vaporizer is engineered to handle dry herbs, wax and oil extracts. Discreet is the theme of this vaporizer review. Our Tao Discreet arrived from HeadiMedies very quickly. Superb packaging supplies you with two atomizers for dry herb and wax extracts, another atomizer for thin oils, good brush, nice dab tool, wall + usb charging, extract container, easy instructions and long slim discreet battery. The battery charges up in about an hour (after the initial 4 hour break in charge). Everything you need comes with the Tao. We love the discreet look allowing vaporization to occur anywhere you wish. A cool place to vaporize was right inside a mall, we're not smoking we're vaporizing which was permitted in the mall, because of vape stores located within, doing the same thing.

The dry herb chamber holds a small amount just right for the personal hitter. Great for that long walk along the beach, hike in the woods or enjoying outdoor concerts. You can get at least three good hits per chamber. We used the other chamber to vaporize some wax. There is a small screen in the bottom of the chamber to help deliver the wax to the atomizer in a direct way. Wax works great in the Tao Discreet, our favorite type of weed extract to enjoy. Thin oils can last you a very long time. Whatever type of medicine you use the Tao is easy to load. The battery gave us an average of over ten fill ups for dry herbs and waxes. The thin oil chamber had the battery lasting all day long. We love to load up al three chambers and head out into the wild blue world for hours on end. Make sure you bring some munchies. Cleaning the Tao is super fast, small screens can be popped out, cleaned and returned in place very easily.

The Tao Discreet vaporizer is so slim it hides in almost any pocket or purse. We found when we pulled it out to vaporize in public situations, we were left totally alone, no one bothered us, except for one couple who knew and asked us for a hit. No problem sharing as pictured above. If you love to be discreet, the Tao is a fabulous all purpose vaporizer. After a solid month of everyday use, the Tao Discreet vaporizer engineered for dry herbs, waxes and oils works superbly.

2014 Gpen Vaporizer Review

Gpen Vaporizer
Donation courtesy of Vaped

The 2014 version of the Gpen personal vaporizer sports great new wicks inside the atomizer heating chamber to help with vaporizing wax and oils of all viscosities. We found the wicks to really help along thinner oils you'd like to load up on. The kynde of concentrate you'd like to keep vaping without constantly reloading. Thick wax extracts sit nicely around the heating element. The Gpen is super easy to load. Simply pull off the inner silicone cap of the heating chamber and load any type of extract you have available. The entry point is large enough to accommodate most dab tools and by the way the Gpen comes with a nice large G dab tool. We load up right on the element and coat the wicks. An option is to replace the silicone cap to prevent oils from escaping during idle time.

The Gpen seems to always be there for large sessions with friends. If you're alone with the Gpen it'll last all day on oily fill ups. Our passion became knowing the Gpen is loaded and ready to vape any time we were. No waiting. For our type of review, the battery did last us a few days per charge, with each day consisting of at least 5 sessions per day with two vape heads filling their lungs over and over till our hearts were content. Battery charging time is usually within an hour. There are some screens located at the mouthpiece you should endeavor to keep clean on a regular basis. If you're passing around your Gpen you'll want to clean off any lip gloss right away. After a solid month of everyday use, the Gpen performs great for each and every session. We found quite a few friends have their own Gpen because of the great performance and handling. The concentrate/extract scene is starting to become quite popular. Pick up a new Gpen vaporizer from Vaped.

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Vaporized Herb Analysis

Vaporized Calyxes
Vaporized calyxes showing shades of brown vaped at 200°C for 10 minutes by four vape heads.

Properly vaporized herbs will look brown in color. There will be no black ashes. Spill some on your bright clothes and it just wipes off, no ash residue to leave a mark. The shade of the color of your vaped weed can tell you things about your vaporizer or vaporizer techniques. Vaporized herb that is dark brown to a very dark brown indicates your temperature is high, vapor will be thick (or you're hauling way too hard). Very light brown indicates your vaporizing your herb at a low temperature. The herb will vaporize slower, you'll get more time on your herb and the vapor will not be as thick as a higher temp vaporization. Well vaporized herb, mid-brown in color, still has approximately 5% potency left in it. We use vaped herb to make cookies, brownies and cakes. Experiment with your vaporizer to find the best control for your vaping lifestyle. See all the unique vaporized herb experiments at marijuana vaporizers.